A Close Encounter with Banditos

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I'm still recuperating from my chuckle... thank you

SSSdGJ more than 7 years ago


Dear Pollyanna, We get you thru St. Louis which is listed as more dangerous than Somalia and you run into Banditos in Goodland, KS. Now that you're out west have you accosted any cattle rustlers yet? Not sure that Larry would have been able to scare them off with his car vac like he did in Harlem years ago, but it would have been worth the try. Leave the bikers in peace and enjoy your trip.

Barbara more than 7 years ago

Only a Peret girl

ROFLMAO way to go Janice, engage the only criminal element for 500 miles at a gas station in Goodland. This is so funny I can hardly stand it. Hoping your visit in Idaho where the real crazies live is as humorous.

Charles more than 7 years ago

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