On the Road With Janice: Nomadic Adventures



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Thanks for "Taking Us Along"

Thank you for taking us along on your travels, Janice. I am loving your blog.

Marti Jeffers more than 1 year ago

On the road

Happy you are enjoying it. Some great experiences in the next couple ...

Janice more than 1 year ago

Traveling together

Glad you are enjoying it too, Marti. It is quite an experience c

Janice more than 1 year ago


Thank you Janice for the opportunity to learn about Mongolia.

Carol more than 1 year ago


Some fascinating experiences. Yesterday was incredible

Janice more than 1 year ago

Love this blog

I can't wait to hear about all your adventures. Don't think that I will get to Mongolia, but love reading about it.

Susan McSherry more than 1 year ago


Thanks! So glad you are liking this. Quite an experience. !!

Janice more than 1 year ago


I look forward to seeing this part of the world through your well traveled eyes!

Melissa Lee more than 1 year ago


Quite a compliment coming from you!!

Janice more than 1 year ago

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On the Road With Janice - An enlightening and entertaining glimpse of life on the road with Janice Lamattina and her husband, Larry, as they travel cross-country and beyond.

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