OTRWJ Ethiopia - A Different Place, A Different Time (Literally!)



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Your blog

Loving your blog - keep up the good work and photos!

Dee Wright 4 days ago

Your blog

Thanks Dee!!

Lamattina Janice 1 day ago

On the Road with Janice

The photo of the Orthodox Priest at Door is stunning!!

Susan Garrett 4 days ago

On the road

Thanks, Susan!!!

Lamattina Janice 1 day ago


I’m loving your blog, as always! Almost like being there myself.

Dottie 6 days ago


Enjoyed all the history and info of you travels . Always wanted to see Lucy since I’m a reader of archeology. Can’t wait to see the photos of the carved churches.

Eileen Faul 6 days ago


Thanks, Eileen. Should be in next blog. I thought they were almost more amazing than MP...and 400 years earlier!

Janice lamattina 1 day ago

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