Tire Tracks August 5 - SSI is for Lovers . . . and the Great Great Lakes



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Upper Michigan

My heritage is in the U. P. but I now live on SSI. Proud of we're I was born and raised, I am happy you enjoyed your visit there.

Ken more than 3 years ago

Pool toy sculpture

The pool toy sculpture looks a lot like something from my backyard after 4th of July. You'd need to add some beer cans though. Also loved the perspective of your third shot on the boardwalk.

Barbara Nance more than 3 years ago

Michigan lake and sand dunes

Spent quite a few summers on the shores of Glen Lake, Michigan. You are right about the white sand and clear blue blue.green waters. great swimming, did you climb the Great Sand Dunes right there? We did.

Caro Grant more than 3 years ago

lake & dunes

swimming? Really??? You got thicker blood than I do! That water's COLD. Climbed a mini dune. Wanted to do more but ran outta time. Hope to go back!

janice more than 3 years ago

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