June 28, 2013

It might surprise you to know that tucked into a little mid-island shopping center, a store called Guns to Roses Unlimited is quietly doing a brisk business in guns, ammunition, and accessories. Owners Benny and Kathy Peacock are friendly and welcoming, and along with Morgan and Sandy, the entire staff is knowledgeable and can provide whatever assistance you need to select the perfect pistol, upgrade to a new hunting rifle, sell your sidearm, or make a transfer.

Relocating their store here from Baxley, the Peacocks found that the demands for firearms for deer and turkey hunting were less than the demand for sport shooting and personal defense. Benny says the first week the island store was open they sold more than 22,000 .22LR bullets alone. Guns to Roses has the largest supply of ammunition in Glynn County. Benny uses more than ten distributors and has a talent for stocking up on good ammo when he can get it. To maintain his stock, customers are limited to purchasing 2 boxes, per caliber, at a time. Federal, CCI, Remington, Winchester and Hornady are just some of the brands available.

The Guns to Roses inventory is impressive and customers say their prices better than most. From Sig Sauer to Rock Island to Smith & Wesson there is a wide variety of sizes, calibers, and styles from which to choose. The store also carries knives, Tasers, pepper spray, and tactical equipment. Benny says even if he doesn’t have the gun you’re looking for in stock, he can probably get it. Specialty orders are no problem, but are subject to availability and could be back ordered.

If Glocks are your weapon of choice, Benny is your guy. In addition to new Glocks arriving on a regular basis, they have a great inventory of Glock pistols that were pre-owned by law enforcement and certified for resale at a discount. If you’re looking for a great deal on a reliable, trusted name in personal safety, you won’t find a better one around. Benny is also a Certified Glock armorer, so he can make sure your Glock is always in top working condition.

Guns to Roses also offers a discount to law enforcement, firefighters, military, clergy, and anyone who brings in last Sunday’s church bulletin. This is a fun and friendly family business, and Benny says they really enjoy the clientele they have been building. There are Coach bags, T-shirts, and Red Ryder BB guns in stock too, so there really is something for the whole family. C’mon in to 1700 Frederica Road, Suite 100 and visit Benny and the girls at Guns to Roses.

June 28, 2013