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Restaurant list

Southern Soul BBQ is open for take out, was there yesterday, got food. Open today also,

Ray Grynkewich 68 days ago

Closed now

As of 4pm 3/22 Southern Soul is closed until further notice.

Kathi ( 68 days ago


Thank you for posting this for people to know what is available. We are a special community and we help one another in situations beyond our control.

Brenda Reynolds-Battles 69 days ago

Thank you

We love this community & try to do our part. ❤️

Kathi ( 68 days ago

This is so helpful. Thank you and thanks to all the restaurants that are looking out for our little ones.

Thank you

Kathie 72 days ago

You’re welcome!

We’re doing what we can to support all the small businesses in our community doing what they can to accommodate customers during this emergency self-distancing period.

Kathi ( 72 days ago

Our hometown island

Don’tcha love our little island? Proud to call it my home for almost 40 years ... interesting how all of the petty complaints vanish during a time like this. Let’s remember that ... later on! 💛 #goawaycoronavirus #keepthefaith

Judi Morgan 74 days ago

Belinda Thomas V2

sea Palms Realty