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St Simons Surviving Success documentary image

St. Simons: Surviving Success Documentary Released to Public

We’re thrilled to share the announcement by filmmakers George Crain and Lance Lipman that they are releasing their documentary “St. Simons: Surviving Success” to the public and we are providing you with access to it and a “Take Action Toolkit” here.

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Cassina Garden Club circa 1932

Photo provided by Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Much of the credit for the original beautification of Glynn County’s public spaces should be given to the area’s many productive garden clubs. Members have been working for over 90 years to enhance the natural charm of our coastal landscape. Read more

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Pink Chapel

Photo provided by the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Pink Chapel’s ruins are located on the grounds of the former West Point Plantation. Built by the Hazzard family, the structure gained its name and color from a pinkish lichen growing there. Island legend says the color is due to bloodshed... Read more

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Willis Proctor

Photo courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society archives

Longtime residents of St. Simons Island will remember that the stretch of road linking the north end of Mallery Street with Demere Road was once known as Proctor Lane. While the name was lost, it’s important that we still recall the Proctor family. Read more

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Aluminum Overcast art

Paul Meacham

Get a closer look at a vintage B-17G “Flying Fortress” and hear from some men who flew the bombers that were instrumental in the Allied victory in WWII. Story by Kathi Williams and photos by Paul Meacham. Thank you to EAA for the hospitality! Read more


When the United States declared war in December 1941, the nation mobilized for action, including America’s dogs. As the military identified the vital need for dogs, citizens were encouraged to donate their pets to the war effort. Read more

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Pilot Paul Redfern (right) with Paul Varner and Redfern’s plane The Port of Brunswick

Photo courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Ninety-two years ago, on August 25, 1927, a brave young aviator named Paul Redfern took off in his Stinson-Detroiter monoplane Port of Brunswick from Sea Island beach in an attempt to fly non-stop to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was never seen again. Read more

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Eugenia Price at SSI Lighthouse Dig Site

Photo courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

As the Island’s busy season begins and many tourists arrive to discover the magic of the Golden Isles for the first time, we look back on one of our favorite author’s accounts of her memorable first visit. Read more

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Vintage Golden Isles postcards

Courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Before email, Instagram, and Snapchat, postcards were a popular means of communication during summer vacations. Postcards from the Golden Isles reveal scenes from the past and take us to a moment in time when the writer shared their experiences. Read more

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Coastal Georgia Historical Society's World War II Home Front Museum at the HIstoric Coast Guard Station on St. Simons Island

Johnson Pictures Inc.

The Coastal Georgia Historical Society's newly opened World War II Home Front Museum recounts how our quiet coastal region was transformed when our country went to war and brings to life the extraordinary contributions made by Coastal Georgia. Read more

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Learn more about Susie Baker King Taylor, a woman born into slavery, who later became the first black teacher for freed African American students to work in an openly operating Freedmen's school in Georgia. Read more

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NAS Glynco Airship Hangar

Image courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

This January marks the 76th anniversary of a significant World War II event in local history. On January 25, 1943, Naval Air Station Glynco was commissioned as one of five airship bases strategically located between Massachusetts and Florida. Read more

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King and Prince brochure2020.jpg

Provided courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society.

In the mid to late 1930s, The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort operated as a Beach and Yacht Club. In addition to beach access, amenities included a spacious clubhouse, an oyster bar with pecky cypress paneling, and the outdoor Bamboo Garden. Read more

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During World War II, official U.S. Navy photographers acted as the "eyes" of the military. Their photos documenting some of the training and personnel at Naval Air Station, St. Simons, help us understand what it was like to be stationed here then. Read more

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As we head into the most active months of the hurricane season, we cast our minds back to the early 19th century when a major storm devastated our coast and disgraced Vice President Aaron Burr came to St. Simons to seek refuge from his own storm. Read more

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Still photo from the 1916 Brunswick filming of "The Wrecker"

Photo courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Starting in 1916, pioneer filmmaker Richard E. Norman travelled to as many as forty towns in the Midwest and South to shoot the film "The Wrecker," using train wreck footage and the same screenplay in each location. Brunswick was among those cities. Read more

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Doris Duke Christening the Liberty Ship named after her father.

Photo provided by the Coastal Georgia Historical Society.

The J.A. Jones Shipyard of Brunswick, was one of 18 shipyards throughout the U.S. to produce Liberty ships during World War II.The Liberty ships are credited with providing a vital lifeline of food and war material to the Allies’ global war effort. Read more

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Hurricane Dora 1

Courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Hurricane Dora ripped across St. Simons Island and around the Georgia coast in September 50 years ago. President Lyndon Johnson followed in her wake, and the still-standing "Johnson Rocks" were installed. Read more

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Svendsen Children Christmas

Image courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Light keeper C.O. Svendsen, his wife Annie, and their three children spent many Christmases at the St. Simons Lighthouse between 1907 and 1935. Here are some of the recollections of those holidays on the island. Read more

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Carl Olaf Svendsen, Jr and Happy

Photo courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society.

Carl Olaf Svendsen, Jr. resided at The Keeper's Dwelling at the base of the lighthouse throughout his childhood and collected artifacts of the island's history while roaming and exploring the sparsely populated areas of the island. Read more

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St. Simons Island Lighthouse Fresnel Lens

Coastal Georgia Historical Society

While there are many hundreds of operating lighthouses along sea and lake shores in the U.S., only 85 cast and concentrate their beams through a Fresnel lens, one of them is our own St. Simons Lighthouse. Read more

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