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Provided courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society.

A Club for Carefree Island Recreation

In the mid to late 1930s, The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort operated as a Beach and Yacht Club. In addition to beach access, amenities included a spacious clubhouse, an oyster bar with pecky cypress paneling, and the outdoor Bamboo Garden.



During World War II, official U.S. Navy photographers acted as the "eyes" of the military. Their photos documenting some of the training and personnel at Naval Air Station, St. Simons, help us understand what it was like to be stationed here then. more

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As we head into the most active months of the hurricane season, we cast our minds back to the early 19th century when a major storm devastated our coast and disgraced Vice President Aaron Burr came to St. Simons to seek refuge from his own storm. more

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Still photo from the 1916 Brunswick filming of "The Wrecker"

Photo courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Starting in 1916, pioneer filmmaker Richard E. Norman travelled to as many as forty towns in the Midwest and South to shoot the film "The Wrecker," using train wreck footage and the same screenplay in each location. Brunswick was among those cities. more

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Doris Duke Christening the Liberty Ship named after her father.

Photo provided by the Coastal Georgia Historical Society.

The J.A. Jones Shipyard of Brunswick, was one of 18 shipyards throughout the U.S. to produce Liberty ships during World War II.The Liberty ships are credited with providing a vital lifeline of food and war material to the Allies’ global war effort. more

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Hurricane Dora 1

Courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Hurricane Dora ripped across St. Simons Island and around the Georgia coast in September 50 years ago. President Lyndon Johnson followed in her wake, and the still-standing "Johnson Rocks" were installed. more

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Svendsen Children Christmas

Image courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Light keeper C.O. Svendsen, his wife Annie, and their three children spent many Christmases at the St. Simons Lighthouse between 1907 and 1935. Here are some of the recollections of those holidays on the island. more

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Carl Olaf Svendsen, Jr and Happy

Photo courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society.

Carl Olaf Svendsen, Jr. resided at The Keeper's Dwelling at the base of the lighthouse throughout his childhood and collected artifacts of the island's history while roaming and exploring the sparsely populated areas of the island. more

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St. Simons Island Lighthouse Fresnel Lens

Coastal Georgia Historical Society

While there are many hundreds of operating lighthouses along sea and lake shores in the U.S., only 85 cast and concentrate their beams through a Fresnel lens, one of them is our own St. Simons Lighthouse. more

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Jodocus Hondius, Virginiae Item et Floridae, circa 1620

From the archives of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society.

An interest in family history led the late Dr. John Speir Josey, a St. Simons resident and ophthalmologist who practiced medicine locally from 1962-1998, into the world of historical maps. more

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For over a century, present-day Sea Island was known as Long Island. It was here amid the undeveloped coastal woodlands of Long Island that Camp Fendig, a summer camp for Boy Scouts, operated in the 1920s and 1930s. more

Culture & History

Harrington School pre-restoration

Benjamin Galland, h2o creative group

Learn about the Harrington School, its historic significance in and impact on this community, and the efforts that were taken to save it. On February 4, celebrate this important part of the island's past. more

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Gullah Geechee1.jpg

Paul Meacham, @CoastalGATravel

February is recognized nationally as Black History Month. Here on the Georgia coast, this history is rich and varied. It encompasses traditions that can be traced back to West Africa, spans generations, and tells tales of both triumph and tragedy. more

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Mason Stewart shares the unique origins and coastal lowland tradition of The Shout. Learn more about the songs and steps and the evolution of the shouter groups that exist in the area. more

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Ophelia Dent with her shotgun, dogs, and rice bird

Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation archives

Mason Stewart shares the story of Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, a river plantation in Coastal Georgia, and the indomitable spirit that kept it alive through its 167-year family history. Historic photos provided by Hofwyl-Braodfield Plantation. more

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Glynn Academy is not only one of the oldest, publically funded coeducational systems in the US, but it began as an early American educational experiment. Mason Stewart shares that history and some recollections from Glynn Academy alumni. more

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Take a walk down memory lane on St. Simons Island as Billie Huggins recounts growing up as the daughter of the "mail lady" during those days in the 1940s and 50s when there was a ferris wheel in the Village. more

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Lead Type in Drawers at Ashtantilly

Julie Andrew Tharpe

Not too far up the road in Darien, lies a little building filled with magic: drawers and drawers of letters, numbers, and logos, meticulous carvings on block, reams of paper, and inky centuries-old presses. This is the Ashantilly Press. more

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Blimp Convoy Escort

Courtesy of Paul Pribble, Glynn County Airport Commission archives

Learn about Brunswick's important role in protecting World War II ship convoys in this story about the history of the Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport by Leslie Faulkenberry. more

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Michael Hanneld

Michael Hanneld brings us the impressive tale of a historic aircraft housed at McKinnon St. Simons Island Airport who is soon to celebrate her 70th birthday. more

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Arlene Ingram shares the history of one of St. Simons Island's best kept secrets - a faithful band of Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 10-10 volunteer lightkeepers who has for two decades dutifully maintained the picturesque St Simons Light. more

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