SSI Archives: Dora - An Unwanted and Angry Visitor Arrives

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It was Kennedy who came to St. Simons

Our causeway flooded early there was no getting of island. Families slept at airport, which was highest point on island. It's a night I will never forget. We where lucky considering how much worse it was supposed to be. I was 12 at the time.

Judy Brown more than 4 years ago


Sorry Judy it was Pres Johnson and Defense Sec Robert McNamara who came rolling down around the pier to survey the damage. My sister and I were among dozens of people that saw them up close as they rode by. Sept '64? Kennedy gone in Nov '63, dear

Gary Thornton more than 2 years ago

Hurricane Dora

I stand corrected it was Pres Johnson that I saw where the pier used to be. I to was there. Never stay for a hurricane again. Still have vivid memories off that storm

Judy Brown more than 2 years ago

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