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Thank Kathi!

Kathi, thanks so much for posting all the music venues and events. We know everyone appreciates it.

Jim & Rich (from Morgan & Wagner) 1 day ago

You’re Welcome!

I appreciate your gratitude, gentlemen.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 1 day ago

You’re Welcome!

I appreciate your gratitude, gentlemen.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 1 day ago

Happy New Year Kathi!!

Thanks for the past year keeping us all informed on our diverse music scene in the Golden Isles and look forward to more this year! Greetings to all your EIL gang - Cheers, Huntley 🎸🌎✌️

Huntley 78 days ago

Thanks, Huntley!

Happy New Year! Here's to much more fantastic music in 2019!

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 77 days ago

Merry Christmas

Thank you for keeping us informed of what music is happening here and the surrounding areas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Linda Gantt 88 days ago

Merry Christmas to you!

You’re welcome! And happy holidays to you too!

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 85 days ago

Live at the Blue Door

Your blog turned us on to a great new venue in Brunswick, Live at the Blue Door. We saw 2 bands: The Conni Laine Band and the Chicago tribute group, Chi-Town. Both were great and the venue is superior with excellent acoustics and sound. To top it off the owners and hosts Conni & Enzo are fun and attentive. Thanks for keeping our community aware of what is going on. Everyone should check out Live at the Blue Door.

Robert 136 days ago

This is my favorite blog ever

Over 3 years ago, I commented that I love this site. I just want you to know that I still love it! I look at it every week to see what's going on. Thank you for keeping this up each week. We appreciate your time and dedication!

Sandra Paquin 138 days ago

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your continued support! We appreciate our loyal followers & value your feedback!

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 137 days ago

Music Genre?

Would be REALLY helpful to know what type of music is being played, otherwise this is meaningless to those not from this area.

Jami 151 days ago


That's kind of hard to do sometimes because we don't always have info about bands, but I've created a separate page listing the local bands/genres that I'll include with the weekly blog, and I've done my best to put the info in this week's blog for you too.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 146 days ago

Halloween parties???

Who’s having adult costume parties around Brunswick /St. Simons?

Amy 152 days ago

Posting Halloween Happenings List on Home Page

Just compiled a list of Halloween parties, Fall Festivals, etc., but I'm sure more will be popping up as we get closer. Gotta get through GA-FL festivities first!

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 149 days ago

Maggie and Jackson

Type music?

Lynn Schofield 208 days ago

Music genre

According to GIAHA, they're a husband-wife duo from Savannah who perform their own unique blend of jazz and salsa.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 207 days ago

Red Shed Band

What’s the latest with the Red Shed Band? We haven’t seen any postings on them in a long while.

Bob 211 days ago

Band Updates

I don't have any info about the band, and only post what they share. As far as I know they've been playing at Island Jerk Shak in Brunswick every Thursday night.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 210 days ago

Name of the Band?

We cannot remember the name of a band. We saw them twice at Palm Coast Cafe. I think the name was Ambrosis or Ambrosius...? It was a woman singer and piano player. Jam Band. Do you know who they are or the name of the band? Do they still play? They are amazing!!

Whitney 335 days ago

Michaele Hannemann

Ambrosius no longer exists, but you can catch Michaele & the Ambiguous playing around town & that’s your girl. She also performs solo & guests with other bands pretty frequently.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 334 days ago

Michaele Hannemann

Thank you so much Kathi!

Whitney 323 days ago

You’re welcome.

Sometimes I know stuff. 😊

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 320 days ago

Thank you!

Just want to say thanks for keeping the Live Music Blog alive. It’s a great service to this region.

Robert 337 days ago

You’re welcome!

We think the great variety of live music here is part of what makes the Golden Isles Community special and are happy to share it. Glad it’s appreciated.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) 337 days ago

Daytime live music

Any daytime venues, i.e. coffee shops providing live music

Claudia more than 1 year ago

Comprehensive listings

These listings cover any and all music we are told about by our local musicians and the area venues. Daytime live music is rare, and usually in summer/fall on weekends.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 1 year ago

Ukulele players

Where do the Golden Island Strummers practice and when?

Diane Weiglein more than 1 year ago

I don't know.

I don't have any info about the Golden Isles Strummers practice or performance schedules. They do have a website: www.gistrummers.com.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 1 year ago

Swamp Town Get Down festival


Judi Thomas more than 2 years ago


I already know all about this Judi & will be sharing it as it gets closer.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 2 years ago


fiddle, banjo, harp player here for 11 days.

tom more than 2 years ago

Try Open Mic Nights.

Hey Tom. You might want to check out the Open Mic night at Palm Coast Coffee on SSI on Monday nights or other open mic opportunities listed in here.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 2 years ago

how do I find the kind of music they play... Im looking to book someone for Christmas party and the Island Newcomers range 50-80yrs..

I need some direction and we don't have a lot of money>>>

Lila Magbee more than 2 years ago

Music genres

Hi, Lila. Email me at kathi@elegantislandliving.net if you have questions. Most of the local bands here have Facebook pages & samples of their music on there, but I can definitely help you if needed. ~Kathi Williams

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 2 years ago

Gram Parsons Guitar Pull

Thank you, Kathi!

Uncle Dave Griffin more than 2 years ago

You're welcome, Dave.

Consistently great event celebrating the life and legacy of a Georgia boy whose musical influence was deeper than many people realize. Here's to Gram!

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 2 years ago

Music genre

Which bands play country?

Thomas more than 2 years ago


Well, what actually constitutes "country" music is up for debate, but Brent Browning, who's in town & playing at Village Inn & Pub Friday & Saturday (8/25-26), lives in Nashville & has a regular gig at Tootsies, so you might want to check him out. Half Mile Bridge also does some country. Pine Box Dwellers do Americana/Southern Rock/blues/country. Skeeter Truck does country/bluegrass.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 2 years ago

Half Mile Bridge

Half Mile Bridge plays hit from Country, Rock, Blues, Funk spanning the years of favorites.

Jody Frost more than 2 years ago

Fiddle players on the isles?

Any bands with fiddle players that we can enjoy locally?

Chris H more than 3 years ago

Good question

Mountain Oyster String Band may have a fiddle in their repertoire, but I'm not sure. The bands I know who did are no longer playing. There is good bluegrass/folk/Americana band from Savannah who will be playing at Mullet Bay tonight (Friday) - City Hotel, and I thought they might, but it looks like they're mandolin, banjo, upright bass & guitar.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 3 years ago

Fiddle/violin yes

Take Two Music Duet. Violin and guitar playing swing tunes, tango, Latin and other varieties.

Jeff more than 3 years ago

Take Two Music Duet

Does Take Two play locally at public venues or only private bookings?

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 3 years ago

18th Annual Gram Parsons Guitar Pull

Thank you so much, Kathi, for plugging the festival and the talented artists who make it a wonderful weekend!

Uncle Dave Griffin more than 3 years ago

You're welcome!

Happy to promote the festival & all the artists involved. Hope there's a great turnout! If I'm not there in person, I'll definitely be there in spirit.

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 3 years ago

Music schedule

Kathi... Coming to SSI this coming Saturday from Ohio with our whole family. This is so great to know who is playing when and where... Thanks for your efforts!

Tim Redman more than 3 years ago


Appreciate the kind words, Tim! We've got some great music out there this weekend! I hope to be out & about enjoying some too!

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 3 years ago


Great job with this Kathi

Tom Connolly more than 3 years ago


Thank you, Tom Connolly!

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 3 years ago

Love It

I use this weekly to see who is going to be playing and where. You have made it so easy to find out what's going on. Thank you!

Renee Stotler more than 4 years ago


Thanks, Renee! That's what I like to hear!

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 4 years ago

A Great Resource!

Thank you for making it so easy to find and support live, local music!

toi more than 4 years ago

Excellent site!

As a music lover, I pull this up every time me family feels like going out! I hope & expect that this will help our local businesses & musicians alike. Thank you very much!

Sandra Paquin more than 4 years ago

Thank you!

Thank you, Sandra. As I've said, it's my own love of music that led me to create "I'm With the Band," so I'm always glad to hear it's appreciated and that people are using it to find the local music. ~KW

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 4 years ago

Thank you!!

Thank you Kathy for making this info available. Know it takes time and effort to keep up with local music. Took me a while stumbling around other sites to find out what was going on in the Brunswick/SSI area for this upcoming weekend. Good music options for evening activities is a huge criteria in selecting weekend get away places. Your blog will make it so much easier to schedule many return visits. Hope the local tourism folks appreciate your work. Thank you, thank you!

LBD more than 4 years ago

Glad you like the blog!

Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I think we have some wonderful local musicians and terrific venues that support them and bring in other fantastic artists, so it's important to get that word out. It's part of what makes this community special and I love to celebrate it. Glad that it's appreciated!

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 4 years ago

thank you for the info Kathi

It's great to know that someone still supports local talent

Jewel Harvey more than 4 years ago


Hat's off to the lovely and talented Kathi Williams, for all she does for the arts and particularly live music in the Golden Isles. It's a massive undertaking that we sometimes take for granted. Thanks Miss Kathi!

Mark Douglas more than 5 years ago

Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words, Mark Douglas. We have so many talented musicians in the Golden Isles and such a great local music scene that I think it's important to share the info and get people out there to support and appreciate it! Keep on rockin'!

Kathi (elegantislandliving.net) more than 5 years ago

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