A Trip Back in Time and Through the Prairie

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Missing home myself

Used to love going to RJ's with Daddy. We picked up ribs a lot from Johnny's down the street which was also a restaurant on DDDs. Did you spend much time on campus? I heard they were redoing Jayhawk Blvd to be more bike friendly (isn't it closed to cars during the school year anyway?). The new Dole Library/museum is very good too. Glad you had fun with Jen & Jeff. We love Rowhouse also - certainly the best place in Topeka. Can't wait to read the next adventure.

Barbara more than 8 years ago

Jayhawk blvd

It was a mess and they were working furiously to finish before school. Thought about Dole museum but no time.

Janice more than 8 years ago

Best paragraph

The morning at Flint Hills - beautifully written, allowing the descriptive names provide us with both carnality and interiority.

Bob Martin more than 8 years ago

best line

"Best moment: walking back to hotel, holding hands, hearing the train whistle through the hot prairie night air."

SSdGJ more than 8 years ago

Best writing award

I love reading this tale of travel. So well written I felt I was right there with you eating great food, seeing family and remembering a time gone by with great attention to the details that make it special. So glad you are doing this together.

Joanne more than 8 years ago

love that Kansas sky

Love to hear about these things as we shared many of them (not the kiss), but also love those photos of the wide open Kansas landscape and sky.

Charles more than 8 years ago

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