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Joy of Gingerbread

The Joy of Gingerbread

While the holiday season is filled with special treats, nothing makes us smile more than whimsical gingerbread men (women too!) and colorfully decorated gingerbread houses. Here we take a look at their history and share some recipes.

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Instead of planning the traditional family Thanksgiving feast, we've decided to talk turkey. Here's a collection of turkey and turkey-inspired recipes to use up any holiday meal leftovers and take you from cocktail hour to dessert. Read more

EIL Community Cookbook

We think the pumpkin spice bandwagon is much too full right now, but we still LOVE pie, so we've gathered some recipes for the holiday. From savory to sweet and traditional to trendy, here are some pies (and a cheesecake) that are sure to please! Read more

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Flounder with Blue Crab Salad & Honey Glazed Turnips from Sea Island

John Toth, The Darkroom Photography

Chef Jordan Poteat of Sea Island dresses up flounder filets with Georgia blue crab salad and some turnips glazed with local honey for a plate full of fresh flavors. Read more

Food & Wine

This might just be the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner entrée: tender steak with port wine and chocolate. Decadent & delicious! Read more

EIL Community Cookbook

Adding bourbon to any dish makes it Southern right?! Use the bourbon of your choice and brown sugar for this easy pork roast. Read more

EIL Community Cookbook

My grandparents had a house on Pawley’s Island when I was growing up. Every summer we would go crabbing so Gramma could make this chowder. I Read more

EIL Community Cookbook

Teriyaki gets a citrus twist in this Asian inspired pork dish. Read more

EIL Community Cookbook

Deliciously zesty and juicy chicken that is good for any season. Perfect paired with fresh vegetables, jasmine rice, or quinoa. Read more

EIL Community Cookbook

Olive oil, bittersweet chocolate, espresso powder and a sprinkle of fleur de sel set these brownies apart from your traditional mix. Read more

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Delightfully light and lemony pasta with fresh shrimp. Add seasonal vegetables like asparagus or zucchini and tomatoes for a healthy treat. Read more

EIL Community Cookbook

Tupelo Honey Lime Salmon


Sweet Tupelo honey and zesty lime make a perfect glaze for this baked salmon. Would be delicious grilled too! Read more

EIL Community Cookbook

An easy scone recipe with a delicious tea-flavored twist. A delightful addition to any tea tray or a tasty breakfast treat. Read more

EIL Community Cookbook

Southern Soul’s Brunswick Stew

SSBBQ Brunswick Stew

Southern Soul Barbeque’s recipe for Brunswick Stew.

Red Hot Chili


A red hot chili recipe courtesy of Molly Duckworth. Remember to come out for the Rotary Red Hot Chili Cookoff on Postell Park the first Saturday in March!

Pasta Fagioli


Classic Italian soup. Recipe courtesy of Lisa Cenicola.

Oyster Stew


Oyster Stew recipe courtesy of Kalista Morton.

Shrimp And Grits with Greens

Shrimp and Grits with Greens Natalie Dupree

A twist on the Southern classic dish. Recipe courtesy of Nathalie Dupree.