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Seafood chowder

Seafood Chowder with Hot Buttered Crackers

This seafood chowder is a variation of my grandmother’s fish and clam chowder that she used to make us when we would visit her in Virginia. The hot buttered crackers which were a staple at Atlanta country clubs are a perfect accompaniment.



This Mexican meatball soup is a real treat on a winter day. Filling meatballs swim in a rich, clear broth that’s not too heavy, making for a delicious and hearty warm meal. more

EIL Community Cookbook

This soup recipe is an old family tradition. Every mama in my family has made this soup any time we had a ham. It’s delicious, comforting, and my kids love it, which is always a win! more

EIL Community Cookbook

This is one of my favorite soup recipes. It’s a truly hearty and delicious soup that you won’t find often because the mushrooms can be pricey, but worth every dollar! more

EIL Community Cookbook

My grandparents had a house on Pawley’s Island when I was growing up. Every summer we would go crabbing so Gramma could make this chowder. I more

EIL Community Cookbook

What I love about this soup other than the simple fact that it’s yummy, colorful, and good for you, is that it uses local ingredients that are currently in season (with the exception of the coconut milk.) more

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I love this Brazilian Shrimp Stew because it is so refreshing and very unique way to feature our local fresh Georgia Shrimp. This wasn’t a “passed-down” kind of recipe, but something I put together myself from other recipes. more

EIL Community Cookbook

In Hawaii, at The Kahala we had a birthday celebration for Julia Child’s 100th Birthday in the month of August that represented both her birth and death. We created a mini Julia Child’s kitchen and had many events around all things Julia throughout t more

EIL Community Cookbook

When I was growing up, oyster stew was one of my favorite meals that my Mom made. For some reason, it was a Sunday night tradition and we had these bowl mugs with handles that were apparently saved for oyster stew night only. more

EIL Community Cookbook

I found this recipe in a cookbook because I love to read cookbooks and I make it all the time. One time, I made it for the New Ground Country Hunting Club in Liberty County when we had a Soup Saturday potluck gathering. more

EIL Community Cookbook

You can never go wrong with a good potato soup! I make this often for family meals and always get asked for the recipe when I share it with friends. I more

EIL Community Cookbook

As a CrossFit trainer and Nutrition Challenge Coordinator, I am constantly seeking out recipes that are delicious AND healthy. more

EIL Community Cookbook

Lisa Cenicola was gracious enough to provide this soup recipe to us at our request, in addition to her favorite, because one transplanted New Yorker was desperate for a good Pasta Fagioli. more

EIL Community Cookbook

On the cover: this creamy bisque uses the unusual but delicious pairing of rich pumpkin with sweet Georgia shrimp for a warm and filling meal. more

EIL Community Cookbook

Just because a collection of recipes is never complete without dessert, we thought we’d add a dessert soup to the mix. more

EIL Community Cookbook

30 Minute Chicken Dumplings

Photo courtesy of PARADE

Yes, that's right...a recipe for homemade chicken & dumplings in 30 minutes without using canned soup or frozen/refrigerated dumplings or biscuit dough. You're welcome. more

EIL Community Cookbook

This African Chicken & Peanut Stew is a "chef's special" at Indigo Coastal Shanty in Brunswick, Georgia, and Chef Kate Buchanan shares the recipe so you can prepare it in your kitchen too! more

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Brunswick Stew got its start right here in 1898 (there's a marker to prove it!). Griffin Bufkin of Southern Soul Barbeque on St. Simons Island shares their popular recipe. more

EIL Community Cookbook

Caldo de Pollo


Yolanda O'Hern shares her mother's "cure-all" Mexican chicken soup recipe with some shortcuts to adjust for quick & easy preparation.

French Onion Soup


Terry McCarthy offers up this recipe for the rich, melted cheese-covered classic that was her favorite at Friendy's.

Brunswick Stew


Julie Andrew passes on her recipe for a local favorite, traditional Brunswick Stew -- with some helpful hints to make preparation faster.

Avgolemono (Greek Lemon Chicken Soup)


Kathi Williams shares a recipe inspired by the traditional Greek lemon chicken soup she discovered in Detroit many years ago.

Butternut Squash Soup


Beth Rowen divulges her father's recipe for a delicious, creamy butternut squash soup that can be made vegan or vegetarian.

Red Hot Chili


Molly Duckworth, current President of the Golden Isles Rotary Club, shares her recipe for chili and invites everyone to come out to enjoy the annual Rotary Red Hot Chili Cookoff in March.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Soup


Pam Ingram shares a favorite recipe that was born during her husband Neil's "Dawg days."

Beer, Cheddar, Bacon & Broccoli Soup


David Butler isn't known for his culinary skills, but he does like to eat out! Delaney's Bistro & Bar was kind enough to share a recipe for this cheesy bowl of goodness on his behalf.

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