OTRWJ Mongolia - A Country of Contrasts and Legends



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Religion & Government

Thank you for mentioning the changes since USSR broke up. So it seems like there is a free market economy now, right? And Buddhism has survived as the predominant religion. I'm curious about why all the Chinese workers are brought in. Is there a need for educating the Mongol people to do these technical jobs? Maybe they aren't interested b/c of the nomadic heritage. Hmmm.

Dottie Fielder more than 4 years ago

July 6 post

Thank you once again for such an interesting read. The colors in the photographs are amazing.
How are you coping with the diet ?

Carol H more than 4 years ago

Expanding your horizons is an understatement.

Love your explanations with the photos. Each photo tells its own story and with your words it is in a language I understand. You are on an adventure that we all will remember forever. Thanks for,sharing it with all of us.

Joanne Scott more than 4 years ago


...for sure. So much new every day. Glad you are enjoying it with me

Janice more than 4 years ago

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