• Circus Parade circa 1905

    Coastal Georgia Historical Society

    And to Think That I Saw It on Newcastle Street

    On a pleasant day around the turn of the twentieth century, hundreds of Brunswick citizens gathered along Newcastle Street to watch a circus parade. The procession included horseback riders, musicians, wagons, and even a group of elephants! Read more

  • Netmaking

    Coastal Georgia Historical Society

    Catch of the Centuries

    When Jean Ribault, leader of one of the first groups of Europeans to explore Coastal Georgia, arrived in the area in 1562, he noted the salt marshes and rivers for both their beauty and their bounty. Fishing has been a key part of our history. Read more

  • Historic Harrington School BeforeAfter.png

    Harrington: A Neighborhood, A School, A Legacy

    This year, the Historic Harrington School will celebrate its 100th anniversary with a year of special programming. Learn more about the Harrington community, its historic legacy, and the restoration of the schoolhouse. Read more

  • Robert Couper letter

    Courtesy of Coastal Georgia Historical Society

    A Civil War Letter from a Son

    The Coastal Georgia Historical Society shares a letter from Robert Couper, writing from a military camp near Port Royal, Virginia, to his mother Caroline Couper on St. Simons Island. Read more

  • Saint John's Haven Booklet

    Image courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society

    A Christmas Appeal

    In December of 1919, the leadership of Saint-John’s-Haven published a pamphlet, “Small Craft,” and a plea for donations. The institution, a foster home on St. Simons Island for boys under the age of fourteen, was due to celebrate its third Christmas. Read more

  • Oleander Court Brunswick

    Image courtesy of Coastal Georgia Historical Society

    Holiday Road

    Before the turn of the twentieth century, Brunswick and the Golden Isles began to attract tourists, who traveled long distances by train and by steamboat to reach coastal Georgia. As business picked up, learn about how hotels and motels followed. Read more

  • Brunswick College Dedication Invitation

    Coastal Georgia Historical Society

    Dedication to Education

    Learn about the evolution of Brunswick College into the current College of Coastal Georgia and its first president, Earl F. Hargett, who also served as the first present of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society. Read more

  • James Kinsey

    Coastal Georgia Historical Society

    One Worker’s Life in Wartime Brunswick

    In celebration of Labor Day, the Coastal Georgia Historical Society recognizes the many American workers who mobilized to help win World War II. Read more

  • Glynn Ice Company ad that appeared in the Brunswick Pilot October 1926

    Coastal Georgia Historical Society archives

    The Ice Famine of 1919

    Imagine August in Coastal Georgia without ice. For residents of Brunswick in 1919, the scarcity of ice became a hot-button topic. Learn more about the "ice famine." Read more

  • IMG_5475.jpeg

    Image courtesy of Coastal Georgia Historical Society archives. Photographer: W. Archibald Wallace of Huntington, West Virginia.

    Sweet Summer Memories of the Waycross Colony

    Frances Peabody McKay shared years’ worth of memories from her family’s summers on SSI in “More Fun than Heaven.” The book described their annual sojourns at the cottages in the island’s Waycross Colony. Read more

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